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Plastic card fraudster trapped when purchasing watchesFirst published: 01-10-2009Sometimes, many people have a real need to buy replica watches that they will seek any methods to do this.Unluckily for fraudster Ali Chalhoub, a cafe or restaurant manager from Portsmouth, his want to invest in a 5 replica strap panerai watches ,000 Rolex replica watch for himself, in addition to a 4,500 Rolex replica watch for a female, ended in tears after that it was discovered his plastic card was false, the Portsmouth News reported .With all the dodgy card, he purchased the replica watches and after that had the nerve to return to a shop using a different card in another name to get even more booty, only to be recognised and apprehended 100 yards away by waiting law enforcement officers following his attempt to leg it. replica omega moon watch price To underline that seeming arrogance, Mr Chalhoub has also been wearing the men's Rolex he purchased only days previously.Mr Chalhoub was presented with a 12-week sentence suspended for Calendar year by Portsmouth Crown Court, cheap replica watches along with ordered to do 100 hours of community service and 500 in costs.Rolex is in all likelihood the most imitated make of replica watch in the world and it was founded in Geneva by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. replica A Lange Sohne watch
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